Ever since its establishment, Kobayashi has been serving clients with our “honest, trustworthy and sensible” business attitude. We stress and promote the service spirit of “human orientation,” while making it our top priority to realize our three management ideals of “modernized management, professionalized skills and friendly service.” Over the years, our commitment to care about our clients’ visual health paired with an insistence on optimum quality service helps build up our good reputation and image as a leader in the eyewear industry.

Our having advanced technology in eyewear fitting, coupled with an extensive array of products, enables us to select the most suitable eyewear for our clients which makes them see better and look good. Our dedication to embrace change and advancement makes us a creator of fashion trends for eyewear, which caters to consumer demand. Looking back, our successfully launched products helped forge a brand new concept for eyewear, including the “instant change” eyeglasses with detachable sunglasses, “star-sign” eyeglasses, “color series” eyeglasses, “pure titanium” eyeglasses, rimless eyeglasses, “colorful titanium” eyeglasses, “clever titanium” eyeglasses using high-tech “memory metal” as a material, “avant-garde titanium” eyeglasses, which combines magnets and eyeglasses, “crazy titanium” eyeglasses in the low price range, the world-wide popular Harry Potter eyeglasses, NBA sports eyeglasses, and NiKKEN eyeglasses with Japanese- style carvings.
Our eyewear products continue to surprise our clients and have gained us the status of a fashion leader. At Kobayashi, our clients begin to enjoy modernized, professionalized and humanized service the very moment they step into our store.


Here at Kobayashi we will continue to uphold our enterprise spirit of “caring for the visual health of people and giving back to society” as we endeavor to promote further our enterprise image, technical skill level and quality of service to the general public. Through our efforts, Kobayashi hopes to help build a world of better vision.